Andesite is known to be a volcanic rock of intermediate composition. In a general sense, it is the intermediate type between silica-rich rhyolite and silica-poor basalt. It is a fine grained to porphyritic in texture and is composed primarily of sodium-rich plagioclase plus hornblende or pyroxene.

Andesite gets its name from Andes Mountains. The stone was used in megalithic temples and pyramids, for example, Punden, Sarcophagus, stone mortar, stone table, statues, etc. İn the modern age, this stone is usually used for floors and walls of hotels, villas, and alike structures. This stone is also used to make handicrafts in İndonesia, Magelang, and Central Java.

Andesite Stone is most commonly used for wall, tiles, floors and pool decks. Its appearance gives it an elegant look regardless of its application.

In addition, maintenance of this stone is relatively easy when compared with other natural stones, andesite tiles also have numerous types. Each type, of course, has its own unique and different motif. So, you can select which motif you think is the best and most suitable for you.

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