Onyx primarily refers to the parallel banded variation of chalcedony, which is a silicate mineral. Onyx and agate are both variation of layered chalcedony that varies only in the form of the bands: as agate has curved bands, onyx has parallel bands. The colors of its bands span from black to almost every color.

The natural stone has a unique depth and range of color as well as a broad variety of distinctive textures. Onyx is popular for its natural bands of color playing through the vivid translucency of the stone. The final appearance of Onyx depends substantially on the direction in which the block of stone is cut. Onyx has a rich history of use for hardstone carving including jewelry. It was also used in Egypt as early as the Second Dynasty to adorn the mass of the exclusive residences.

Onyx is ideal for décor features in your homes and gardens; however, it could also be used for tabletops as well as flooring or wall tiles.

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